Catching up 2 weeks

Hi there !

Sorry for being mute all this time : I was travelling 🙂

Two weeks ago, I went to the Web2Day festival in Nantes. It was mainly about observing the organisation, because I was part of a delegation for an association. the association, La Cuisine du web (the web’s kitchen), works at connecting web makers in our city, Lyon. We also propose trainings and a 2 days tech conference in october (called BlendWebMix). The Web2Day’s delegation was about identifying good practices and things to keep in mind to improve BlendWebMix. I also saw some conferences. Some were really interesting : one about cybernetic and one given by a rabbi about digital and authority.

The following week, I was at the Annecy animation film festival for a holliday week with my Dear-dear Louis. It also was an occasion to talk about our compagny project. I may dedicate a blog post to that subject.

I came back from Annecy Festival and reconnected with reality on monday.

Tuesday was a tough day : fighting with CSS modules, with the heat wave and the panic. As a young freelancer, my worst enemy right now is panic. Mine is due to :

  • Bank account getting nearer to zero every month, setting a frightening deadline.
  • Not seeing how to both make a living with my actual competences and be faithful my values. I’m a graphic designer, I’d like to serve people who fight for a better world, not brand’s communication (which is the only word agencies have in mouth these days : BRAND BRAND BRAND). I am afraid I wouldn’t be a good designer if I tried working for them anyway : to be good, I need to be convinced by the project . Sometimes I really can’t see how I gonna make it. I am from a middle class family, I never was in need. I can’t even imagine of loosing my liberty.
  • …therefore, feeling inadapted to live in this society. I’m not sorry for that, but it forces me to fight harder to be happy.

Wednesday and Thursday, I dived into work : a WordPress theme for a book editor association. That was pleasing, I feel like I really made progress about templeting and wordpress. It’s the first theme I make since I started learning Javascript. I feel more confortable when looking for documentation.

I made 2 estimations for 2 differents clients. The first one have been accepted (I need them to sign it now). A small part of the second one was accepted too, to make graphic tests for the final client. It may be fully accepted later.

Today :

  • I’ll try to finish that WordPress theme.
  • I should have an answer for the dev contract of 5 months. Yesterday evening, client asked if she may call today.
  • I’ll make a big salade and a quiche to be able to not worry about cooking this week-end and focus on work.

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