Becoming BizBuddies & making plan

Habitica and LTP guild are wonderful places indeed !

I met there a new acquaintance, Lual, with who I share some professional skills, learning goals and business aim. He proposed to me to be Business Buddies, coaching each other toward our targets.

For our first BizBuddies mails we expose our plan. Here is mine :

  • Find a professional project in front-end web programming, to be able to practice JS being paid (even a little) for it (part 3 of this article);
  • Continue my theorical and practical training with FreeCodeCamp, Mozilla and further readings my Dear Dear Louis recommanded to me + start using libraries and frameworks, now that I know JS basics;
  • Participate in pure networking event, meeting other devs and potential partners and clients. Goal : meeting people way before even thinking of working with them on a real project or offering them my services;
  • Formulate a service offer with my dev partner Louis, build a professional only dev portfolio for us.

Those 4 axis are complementary. I might sign a contract to achieve the first item next week, I had a apointment yesterday with the client and Dear Dear Louis. It went well.

Lual made and interesting diagram, showing the technonogical tools he wants to master and in what order he wants to study them. I shall do the same in the next days. Here it is :

Learning dev Plan


June won’t be the more productive of my life :

  • 7-8 : participating to Web2day in Nantes (even if I may be able to network a bit);
  • 11-18 : holidays at the international animation film festival;
  • 27-4/7 : working from Bretagne where I’ll be visiting a friend. I’ll be working during is working hours, but we will enjoy ourselves the rest of the time.

July should be more focused, and I only have a week of holidays in August.

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