Consulting family

I was at my mother’s these last 4-5 days. I was seeking the occasion to take a step back from my projects and fears, by discussing it with my family.

According to my mother, I have too much fear and anger in me and I should be more gradual : taking back my financial independance is the most urgent objective. I need to put together my professional project first. I should look for wwoofing / internship experiences in communities similar to the one I want to build. I should maybe even not build my own, but join an existing one.

She doesn’t like the sound of a community mixing personal and professional stuffs. Even if she considers joining a urban community herself, she thinks about living with other people as a threat to her privacy and autonomy. It felt like she liked the idea of a solidary neighbourhood, mutualisation but needs to set strong boundaries. For instance, she’s not keen on sharing living room, kitchen, or food I’d say.

She is not convinced about the climatic urgency. She questions my interest in countryside even if she understand me rejecting city. Do I want to be nearer to nature ? She has no memory of me being interested in gardening or agriculture. She thinks maybe I should fight for the environment with my actual professional skills.

My dad and my sister are absolutely convinced of the climatic urgency, they are interested in thinking about next steps with us, even if they don’t see what role they could play in that project.

My sister thinks that I should dedicate the next months to finishing my programming classes. That way, I’ll be able to look for work in that field with Dear-dear Louis as soon as possible and fund the community project serenely.

Of course, I don’t agree with all that my mother said to me. But the main idea I keep from those conversations is that I should start by finding a first profesional dev project. That way, I shall be able to finish my training while being paid. I think I can do this. Meanwhile, I shall collect experiences and testimonies about living in a community, gather a team and and build an economic model.

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