Planning summer

📰 Hot news

  • I signed the 6 months contract as a trainee developper I spoke about. So that’s a relief on the money side, and I shall officially be a junior programmer in january !
  • I started working on 2 graphic design orders. I sent a first draft to the client for one of them yesterday, and I shall do the same for the second one today (album cover).

📆 Insights on this summer’s work

  • Goals :
    • To practice (JS) and produce (JS and graphic design)
  • Main tasks :
    • To work at the agency 4 or 5 days a week : trainee developper;
    • To finish the album cover project;
    • To continue designing the personal program composer for BlendWebMix Conference, and start coding the UI;
    • To design BlendWebMix’s this year edition’s visual identity (using illustration);
    • To follow the 6 steps to find clients (in french) to define my offer and my ideal client. Produce schemas and text elements to organize my thoughts, build my commercial strategy and use on my website;
    • 1 holiday week with my sister.

Bonus for those interested in graphic design process : Maison Pugin’s First Draft

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