Dear Habitica party,

Hello dear friends !


This weekend I got my first dose of vaccine (Pfizer) and I had no side effects but a sore arm! With Tudi we had to go to Letterkenny to get it and we took the opportunity to have lunch in a nice diner that we like and to visit the Glebe Gallery and its garden .

Irish weather: WTF?!

Otherwise, since the start of the week, the weather has been quite strange: bright sun every morning at 10 a.m., then alternating heavy showers and bright sun until the end of the day. You might be tempted to dry your laundry outside but …

Booooardgame !

Yesterday evening, we tried the game that Arthur (my brother) and Elodie (his zouz) gave us when they came to our house. It’s a nifty cooperative version of Code Name for two people. We succeeded in the basic game, but when we start to tackle the mission campaign: Niet! Moscow and Berlin resist us …

Booooard meeting !

Tomorrow and Friday is the Oxalis board meeting. I initiated the drafting of a note on the progress of the profit-sharing project which will occupy the assembly of employees for the next 10 months. It’s exciting because there are great challenges of clarification, mobilization and encapacitation to allow a beautiful and interesting debate at the end of November!

Some warm hugs from France ❤️

Notre équipe internationale sur Habitica ! My beloved Amanda, Erin, Holly, Sharon and of course the French ones : Cécile and Delphine.

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