Summarizing Winter (2019)

🇺🇸 Habitica challenge, perfect now that winter came and leave.


This winter I entered a entrepreneurs cooperative: Oxalis. It was a small revolution and I think it will be a major breakthrough in my professional life … Among the things I learned:

  • to show my work live has a strong effect on my clients, for whom my work is obviously a bit abstract, otherwise. to see me draw confirms my expertise to them.
  • I met a lot of independent workers, collaborations are being born: it is very very enjoyable.
  • I acquired good elements and hindsight to build an effective commercial approach that will fit perfectly with what I want in life. Let’s do this !
  • I intend to be accompanied, at least at the beginning of this process of redesigning my activity: I will benefit from coaching at Oxalis, and perhaps training at unemployment agency.


  • I love writing bilingal updates, it’s part of my morning routine now. I love my Habitica friends so much… I’m not sure I tell them that often enough. All I do on the party chat makes me grow, and having to write it helps me document it.
  • My sister Zoé left Lyon. I loved spending time with her during this autumn and this winter : our relationship grew stronger. She’s one of my closest friend now and I’m so grateful for this !


I designed with my friends a learning program for youth worker diploma (BAFA). With them, I got the chance to test it and to improve it during a two sessions. That was fascinating. I saw young girls and boys becoming a bit more adults and aware of educational issues… I tested active methods with them, articulated notions for them. This summer I’ll be on a camp with my friends and with a group of 15 teenagers : I can’t wait to be there !

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