Learning Javascript, a step to independence

In Habitica, my LTP has been learning Javascript for now. But to be fair, it is more of a mid-term goal. My long term goal is building an IRL life community (kind of a kibutz like).

Since my teenage years I dream to live far from absurd constraints of modern labor and social life, only surrounded by people who share my rejection of capitalism and autoritarism, and seek for peace, quiet, well-being, nature, solidarity and respect. Since, I have grown up as a localist, a small-group girl, a polyamori opposed to couple and mariage. I also became more and more aware of climate change and of needs to find alternatives.

I have many ideas and wishes for the place I want to build and the family I want to bring together. Some of those ideas constitute criterias to agry with for people who want to join in :

  • countryside, near a village or part of a village, no important population density
  • far from nuclear plants
  • at least 6-10 people
  • on small mountains, protected from rising water

Some are more like things I’d wish to spend time on, depending on priorities of the group’s life :

  • hosting people who need to recover and build again, victims of conjugal violence, LGBT++ teenagers rejected by their families, people going out of prison, refugies, or homeless, old , unemployed people, for instance…
  • proposing educational activities to children from the neighbourhood, to help parents to find time for themselves, and to teach children the various talents of the group’s members
  • building a theater to organize concerts, to host artists putting together a show, to encourage local cultural initiatives…
  • growing our own food
  • repairing and building our tools and houses
  • allowing group’s members to pursue their passions


To build such a community, I need :

  • a team, a family, a group, allies
  • a place tho choose and buy with them
  • some money
  • a business model to deal with the rest of french society

Learning Javascript (and who knows, some other langages) is a piece of that puzzle. The business model my dear-dear Louis and I are imagining is to share our time between taking care of our shelter and selling precious web services. We’ll need some other devs in the equation, while the other members will be free to devote themselves to their own talents and passions.

I’m lucky, and dear-dear Louis too : our families might maybe help us. We want to take this opportunity and share it with other people who don’t have our chance. I think I will talk about this in an other post.



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