Learning Javascript ?

Learning Javascript is my Long Term Project in Habitica. I’have been studying it for 3 months. I use MDN for rigor and good practices, and FreeCodeCamp for exercising. I hope to finish those classes this summer.

Before taking these classes, I mastered HTML and CSS by studying it at school, and by practicing them in my professional life.

I want to learn Javascript for 3 practical reasons :

  • Webprogramers don’t know unemployment : there aren’t enough of them on the planet. As a freelancer, I think JS skills will help me find clients. I already work with programmers, they like me giving them technical mockups, ready to connect to their functionnalities. I think they will like me going further than HTML/CSS and handling autonomously a bit more of front-end dev.
  • I particulary work with one programmer and I’d like to be able to take some tasks from him, because the actual repartition is not balanced.
  • Javascript is a useful skill for a graphic designer, bringing life and interactivity to my designs, enhancing animations on After Effect.

That said, I’m pretty sure that one reason I learn Javascript is to not start actively look for clients. I think I’m afraid of rejection, of failure, and that paralyses me.

I dropped my main client in december because I didn’t enjoy it anymore, then I took a break. But now the break has to stop. In a few months, I’ll be in trouble if I don’t take the leap and really start contacting and meeting potential clients.


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