Summerizing Summer (2019)


My cooperative, Oxalis, was an important component of this summer:

  • Thanks to many events, I made progress in learning about the company’s history and issues. Our organization is going through a real crisis where the main question is governance. It’s exciting, it’s precisely for this kind of questioning that I decided to join a cooperative of freelancers. I am not too worried about the outcome of this crisis, however I’m pretty sad about the work conditions of my colleagues and I hope they can quickly improve
  • I met many Oxalis colleagues, mainly via the Annecy PLUi’s call for tenders adventure. I look forward to collaborate and to deepen the relationship with many of them! I’m going to work on visual identities some of them, and build cooperations with others … that’s so exciting!
  • I started redesigning of my activity: positioning, sense, commercial approach. I am accompanied by two colleagues from Oxalis and I participate in workshop groups on these topics. I am so happy with what I foresee and to be so well supported to address these topics …
  • I made a new forecast of 2019’s sales revenues. It will be below what should be. But if I consider that I ran a lot of side projects, that I spread a lot of seeds, and that I still have at least one year of visibility before me: everything is fine!


  • I spent time with my sister Zoé despite our new geographical distance. She even came to Quimper and spent time there with me, but also with GalantTudi, his brother, sister-in-law and friends, my future universe, and she loved them ❤️
  • My brother Victor and my father came to visit, each of them spent a few days at my place in Annecy. These were great moments 🙂
  • My cousin Noëllie moved to Annecy and I am delighted to see her often till I leave for Quimper 🙂


  • The relationship with GalantTudi blossoms, it’s simply wonderful! However, I had very invasive phases of concerns due to the distance. I was scared several times at the beginning of the summer that my feelings were not really shared by him. A lot of things happened in July that made me way more confident and delighted me. Our relationship makes me more and more happy and enthousiastic 🙂
  • Some important events of this summer : the request of NicoBoy not to exchange news, and a discussion with former roomate Lucile who told me she did not wish hear about me for now. NicoBoy, Lucile and Dear-dear Louis were the three most important people in my life in the last four years. Together, they really shaped my daily life, and today they all choose to distance themselves from me. I dont know what to conclude from this observation … It is a little sad and painful. I console myself with the fact that the contact is not completely broken with NicoBoy, which makes me hope that he will come back to me when he will be ready.


  • I’m leaving Annecy in December, it’s sure now, and I should move in Quimper not long after that: the details of the transition are not yet defined, but that’s what I’m heading for!
  • The Tango workshop in July was a small revelation. I intend to give myself space and time to explore all that (dance, including tango) from January. It is also planned to learn Breton … I am already making 2020 a busy year !
  • The summer camp in August went well, finally, despite a huge collective stress the days before the kickoff, and some clashes inside the team. Nevertheless I want to continue because I have the intuition that these moments are very important in my life, my personal education, my resilience and especially my social conscience.


Since May 5, I slept 93 nights out of 138 in 26 other places than my appartment, including a night on a bus driving me to Paris! Here are some charts about these nights 😉

Where I slept from May 5th to September 20th
Amount of nights spent away from my home by month, from May 5th to September 20th

Some photos

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